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Anonymous said: Honestly what's your opinion on this topic. Junsu receives a lot praises from the public, fans, and members about his singing-- best among idols, artists, and ASIA. Anyways, especially with Jaejoong who sings just as well and is a lead vocal, how do you think he takes in all of this. He doesnt receive as many recognition and talks as Junsu. But is considered one of the better singers in kpop. And there seems to be a lot of good or bad tension between them overall the years from my obeservation.


On the otherside, how do you think Junsu feels about this subject matter? I sometimes feel he’s a bit awkward/shy to take in all this praise, even more when it’s from his members and jaejoong is present. And throughout their career with SM, JS has always been favored for his singing, I would think that has hurt JJ’s pride at one point. And I sometimes think JJ feels inferior to JS in regards to singing/musicality.

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anyways i will try my best to answer!

for one I think that Junsu got a lot of attention for his singing because he’s a good singer but I think since SM made Jae the lead singer (and lead singers are usually the best singer out of the group) they were also trying to reinforce that Junsu was a great singer too. not that they needed to because Junsu’s voice can literally speak for itself.  I also think Junsu deserves all the praise that he gets.

About Jaejoong, I think he feels a prejudice is set against him.  and I really do believe there is a prejudice against him.

“IF I Only Look at the Jacket Photos, I would think that you can’t sing BUT now I got to know that YOU SING VERY WELL.’ Then I realized that the prejudice of ‘The Better you Look, The Worse You Sing’ still exist.”
I’m not saying Junsu’s not good-looking but Jaejoong is… Jaejoong you know?  cold looking, super pretty boy, Jaejoong.  lol
like Junsu has said:
"If I talk about Youngwoong hyung I should talk about his first impression. When I first saw him… we have said on the radio a lot but he has a cold image. When you first see him, he is not the type of person you want to get closer too. He was good looking and it looked like he had charisma too. But he had a image that was hard for people to get close to him. But as the group Dong Bang Shin Ki was formed and we started practicing… I felt this… out of the members in our group, Youngwoong hyung is totally opposite of his image… He is really warm-hearted. He is the best warm-hearted person. He is nice too. On TV he doesn’t talk a lot and portrays charisma and mysterious image but in real life he is like fermented soybeans… He is a tasty and savoy person. Who…*interrupted by Yoomin trollers* You need to meet him and talk to him in order to find out his real and true self. He is a good looking and manly person. This was Junsu talking about Youngwoong hyung. ^_^ Oh, yeah, I forgot one thing! He is the most funniest person in our team. Each member has their own of humor and genres. When Youngwoong hyung doesn’t get interrupted he is do funny. On ENG and on cameras you will be able to some his funny sides little by little. Please pay attention to it."
-  Junsu about Jaejoong (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)
I think Junsu and Jaejoong are both the best singers! DB5K are all great singers of course.  
I think at the beginning Jaejoong could feel the gap in their performances and you could definitely see it in 2004-5:
"Junsu has too much expression, my weakness is that I have too few…" Jaejoong 
But the fact that they understood what was lacking and wanted to improve even though they were already constantly praised is the best thing about the DB5K boys to me.  Personally I really think Junsu is a main reason why their live performing improved so vastly so quickly.  Junsu always had a lot of expression and to be around his influence really moved along the improvement process of DB5K.  But it’s the diligence and hard work of all the boys because they wanted to have a better overall performance and worked hard as a team to make sure they all meshed well.
I think rather than tension between each other Junsu and Jaejoong could feel that one has strengths that the other doesn’t and they grew on each other by learning from each other.  I think that their love for music made their bond very strong and being with each other allowed them to see their own weaknesses and then watching each other improve just makes the other work harder to improve himself.  I think it’s all very positive and humbling for both of them to be in each other presence.
That being said there are things that Junsu can do that Jae can’t and things that Jae can do that Junsu can’t and I don’t think either of them have hard feelings about it.  I think they are both confident with who they are and what they can accomplish.  I don’t believe they hold any bitter feelings towards each other.
an interesting quote from Untitled Song - JYJ
"From the calls I received, you talked behind the team member’s back. It was really hard to trust you." 
from just this quote you can tell they will trust and stand by the members more so than anyone else.
and yes im also talking about Yun and Min because Jae said that they are his members as well and that Yun and Min know this the most and also this part of the song was talking about before the lawsuit